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       ৩১/এ, সেন্টার পয়েন্ট কনকর্ড টাওয়ার (৪র্থ তলা), ফার্মগেট

       ০১৭০৭৭৮১৭৭১-৩, ০১৮১৬৭৮১৭৭১-৩
গুগল ম্যাপঃ

         ৩১/১ সিদ্ধেশ্বরী সার্কুলার রোড (৩য় তলা)
         ০১৭০৭৭৮১৭৭১৪, ০১৮১৬৭৮১৭৭৪
গুগল ম্যাপঃ

      ৩৬/এ, শহীদ ফারুক রোড (৪র্থ তলা ) উত্তর যাত্রাবাড়ী

      ০১৮১৬৭৮১৭৭৫ , ০১৭০৭৭৮১৭৭৫

      বাড়ি নং ৭ (৪র্থ তলা), রোডঃ ১২, সেক্টরঃ ৬
     ০১৮১৬৭৮১৭৭৬, ০১৭০৭৭৮১৭৭৬.



For students of Medical and Dental admission:

Regular coaching with:

-         Exclusive guide

-         Informative lecture sheet (Retina Digest)

-         Gk sheet

-         Multimedia presentation

-         Highest class test

-         Special model test


For University admission:

                    - Math Program

Academic Program for HSC:

                   -Biology Model Test



Social works:

1. Various social works including blood grouping, blood donation, vaccination  & free medical camp etc.

2. Distribution of  winter clothes in the northern part of the country.

3. Distribution of  gifts in different occasions such as Eid, Puja, National day etc.

4. Donation  in different cultural program, excursion & literature.

5. Scholarship for the students during medical admission coaching.

6. Donation of Books, Bones & Scholarship to the needy but brilliant students in medical colleges.

7. Donation of foods, medicines and cloths in flood, tornedo & other natural calamities.


About Dhaka Retina:

RETINA Medical and Dental Admission Coaching is the name of a craze. Starting from 1980 with the motto to help and instruct the students of greater Dhaka who wanted to get admitted into different Govt. and non- govt. medical colleges in Bangladesh, Dhaka RETINA has sworn to a magnitude unreachable by any. We are fortunate enough to inform you that by the passage of time, RETINA has now become the most popular name in medical admission preparatory field.

RETINA first began its journey from a small room at Shahbag. Today RETINA is a proud institution consisting of  4  branches with 25 Classrooms in Dhaka City. These 4 branches have been spread all over Dhaka city so that RETINA would be accessible to students from all parts of the city. Here in all 4 branches lectures are taken by skilled & qualified medical students of DMC,SSMC & ShSMC. Standard & quality of all 4 branches are same in Dhaka. RETINA starts from the end of you desire & your desire should have no boundaries. RETINA wants to stay in constant touch with the lives of  its students. Welcome to all branches of  Dhaka RETINA, to the garden of flowers.



Admission Fees (only for Dhaka Branch):

    Bangla Medium:  16,000  BDT